Model Boys Modified.

“You don't take a photograph, you make it.”

About Me

This new site of mine is a celebration of beautiful boys which I have modified to make them
even more lovely.Most but not all are modified by me. Some are not modified at all but were worth their place here, I thought.As time passes I will upload more boys, mostly from the Newstar group.
Apart from Richie, Sonny, Danny and Scotty 1 will be featured; all modified by me.
The best info I have about these boys is that they are from the Czech Republic, though no- one
is quite sure. They certainly make them beautiful over there.
If you have similar interests please feel free to Email me to chat, (go to Contact page), though if you do not already do
so, I strongly recommend you use a VPN to protect your privacy.
So , have fun, and drop back for new boys.
Ps; If you enjoyed this site you might also like another site of mine which is a photo celebration
of the Russian boy actor, Pavel Melenchuk.
Here is the address. Have Fun.

About Me

Sonny Teaser.

Next beautiful boy is Sonny. Here is a preview.


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